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Domestic Investigations

Adultery / Infidelity Investigations

Do you believe your significant other is being unfaithful?  Well unfortunately you may be correct.  Statistics have shown that more often than not when you believe they are being unfaithful they actually are.  Our investigators can help you determine if your significant other has been unfaithful to you. Please go to our page on Adultery Investigations to learn more.

Child Custody

Are you in the middle of a custody case and feel the other parent is unfit to raise your child?  Our investigators can conduct background investigations as well as use surveillance techniques to collect evidence that could help you make your case in court.

Domestic Abuse Investigations

If you suspect someone you know, a friend or loved one is the victim of abuse, our licensed professional investigators can help you find out the truth so that you can take the steps necessary to protect these individual. Intelligence Application Group LLC's investigators are aware of the best techniques to identify and collect evidence to determine if someone is the victim of domestic abuse.  Discretion is guaranteed during the process of this investigation.

Alimony / Divorce Investigations

Are you paying alimony after your divorce?  Is you ex now residing with another individual?  Hiring one of our investigators to collect evidence of Co-habitation may reduce or eliminate your monthly alimony payments and save you thousands of dollars.

Contact Intelligence Application Group, LLC

If you are in need of domestic investigative services or have questions regarding whether Intelligence Application Group, LLC can help you contact one of our investigators at 919-205-1595 or complete our Contact Form.