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Corporate / Business Investigations

Owning and/or managing a business can be stressful enough without the having to worry about what threats your business is vulnerable to.  These threats can include your employees, your competition as well as the market you are in.  We can offer you several services to mitigate these threats and vulnerabilities for you.  These services include:

Business Intelligence Investigations

Information is what drives businesses.  Businesses need to stay knowledgeable about their customers, their competition as well as their market.  Intelligence Application Group, LLC can help your business stay knowledgeable through our business intelligence investigations.  Our business intelligence investigations can benefit both the individual looking to enter the market and well established businesses looking to expand.  Our business intelligence investigations can be tailored to your needs and can provide you with information about your strongest competitors, the area you plan to conduct business in and more.  

Comprehensive Background Investigations

Our in-depth background investigations can be tailored towards your needs.  Our investigators can check criminal history, previous employments, education, find and interview references plus much more.  Let Intelligence Application Group, LLC help you make the decision on whether an applicant may be the right fit for your company. 

Due Diligence Investigations

Are you about to go through a company merger, purchase or acquisition?  A due diligence investigation can provide you with vital information needed to ensure you are making the correct choice.  A due diligence investigation is conducted to discover details of a company's management, finances, performance, mission, history, aims, suppliers, clients, industry and any other details that may affect how a company does business.  Intelligence Application Group, LLC wants to ensure you will not face any unexpected surprises down the road.

Corporate / Industrial Espionage Investigations and Prevention

Corporate / Industrial Espionage is a ever growing threat for businesses.  Intelligence Application Group, LLC wants to help protect your trade secrets.  We offer both prevention and investigation services to help you.  Our prevention services include thorough assessments of your business to identify all threats and vulnerabilities and educational seminars to ensure all your personnel are properly trained.  If you believe you are already the victim of corporate/industrial espionage our investigators can conduct an investigation to determine the extent of loss as well as how the loss occurred.

Theft Investigations

Did your business come up a little short on your last inventory or you petty cash funds are not where they are supposed to be?  Do you think this is the result of a dishonest employee?  Our investigators have the experience and technology to conduct theft investigations to identify where your inventory has been going and save your business thousands of dollars.

Contact Intelligence Application Group, LLC

If your business is in need of investigative services or you have questions about whether Intelligence Application Group, LLC can help you contact one of our investigators at 919-205-1595 or complete our Contact Form.  Your discretion is guaranteed.